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BADGERYS CREEK AIRPORT South West Rail Link to Narellan WEB CHAT Jennie Keogh: I think it’s sad for the area, great for the economy sure, but at what cost? Bj Wise: Lots of work before it starts, roads, rail . . . will that be included in costing the airport? Belinda Parker: I live at Leppington and will eventually lose my property to the rail development. I think the new airport will be very appropriate in years to come when it’s all finished and will be an asset to the area. Stephen Grabowski: Businesses in the region can now start planning for their future and next generation. It’s good that parliament can finally acknowledge the significant oppor- tunities for south-west Sydney in the development of a western Sydney Airport. Kyle Bourke: Just wait until you are living under the flight path when a fully loaded 747 takes off just above your house and tell me if it was such a great idea. Jennie Keogh: We moved here to escape all of this. Those complaining in the city about the noise, etc . . . well they moved there. They should’ve known what they were getting into before they moved there. Jenny Parsley: Just hurry up and give us an official date of completion so I know when to pack my family up and move away. Ross Kitchen: Is it going to have a curfew on it like the one John Howard forced on Kingsford Smith Airport or is it going to be 24 hours like every major airport in the world? A rail link to Narellan is part of a plan to improve infrastructure to support the new Badgerys Creek airport. Kerrie Armstrong reports. Decision ends residents’ 30-year limbo By Anne Tarasov PETER Carr says what has been inflicted on him and his neighbours for the past 30 years is ‘‘disgusting’’. Last week, the Luddenham resident was relieved that after decades of ‘‘procrastination’’ the federal govern- ment ‘‘finally made a decision’’ to build a second airport at Badgerys Creek. ‘‘Living in this area, we were stuck in limbo all of those years because we didn’t know what the future for our area was,’’ he said. ‘‘We couldn’t sell, we couldn’t upgrade our properties, we couldn’t plan for our retirement.’’ According to plans released in the 1990s, Mr Carr’s property was located across the road from the airport. For many years he was affected by the Australian Noise Exposure Fore- casts around the airport which prevented residents from doing a variety of works to their properties. Mr Carr said he now supported the airport. ‘‘It will be fabulous for this region; it will stimulate business in the area. Relieved: Peter Carr and and wife Veronica of Luddenham are relieved that the federal government has finally made a decision about the construction of a second airport at Badgerys Creek. Picture: Luke Fuda ‘‘Land will be rezoned and infrastruc- ture will finally go in.’’ Bringelly resident Pauline Rowe has a less positive take on the decision. She said residents needed to be more realistic about what sort of airport would be built. ‘‘This will be a freight airport,’’ she said. ‘‘It’s going to be open 24 hours and anyone that thinks they will be catching international flights from here is living in a nirvana.’’ Promised infrastructure is a ‘gift to western Sydney’ THE promised multibillion-dollar infrastructure packaged promised for the new Badgerys Creek airport was a good start, according to Camden mayor Lara Symkowiak and Camden MP Chris Patterson but we can’t ‘‘ask enough (in terms of infrastructure) of the federal government’’. Mr Patterson said the airport was not the ‘‘gift to western Sydney, the infrastructure is the gift to western Sydney’’. MACARTHUR? Cr Symkowiak said noise and envir- onment concerns still needed to be sorted out. ‘‘I’m still really concerned for resid- ents in the Camden local government area,’’ she said. A RAIL corridor will be preserved under plans which will allow the future development of a link from Narellan to the South West Rail Link. The plan was unveiled last Thurs- day as part of the infrastructure package that would accompany an airport at Badgerys Creek. Macarthur MP Russell Matheson said the plan would see the continu- ation of the South West Rail Link to Badgerys Creek and on to St Marys, as well as south to Narellan. He said the plan was positive, even though it was still a long way off. ‘‘It will probably be the last phase of the infrastructure plans,’’ he said. Camden mayor Lara Symkowiak was enthusiastic about the pro- spect of a train to the Camden local government area. ‘‘It would be fantastic. Everyone has always said the South West Rail Link doesn’t go far enough,’’ she told the Advertiser. Narellan businessman and West- ern Sydney Airport Alliance mem- ber Steve Grabowski said the rail link would benefit everybody in the area. ‘‘The federal government is plan- ning for the next 100 years, not the next four years,’’ he said. Don’t live with denture pain any longer! Dentures that become loose or that don’t quite ?t correctly can cause pain, discomfort and ongoing gum problems. Regain the con?dence to eat any foods you like and look great at the same time! Show us your pic!! 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