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6 CAMDEN-NARELLAN ADVERTISER Wednesday June 22, 2016 NEWS COUNCIL ELECTIONS Could you make a stand? ‘‘ BY JESS LAYT WITH council elections in September, many residents might be considering taking the leap to stand for local government. So what does it take? Outgoing councillor and current Campbelltown MP Greg Warren said a posi- tion on council was only for those with a dedication to their community. “It is a very challenging and rewarding role,” he said. “The most important thing is the community and the expression of communi- ty interests. “Local government is the closest government level to the community so it is im- portant to be community-fo- cused.” Mr Warren said the time a councillor must put into the position varied depending on their roles on committees and their level of dedication, but was in the vicinity of 10- 20 hours each week. “It’s one of those positions where you get out of it what you put in,” he said. “The community deserves coun- cillors who take it seriously.” WORTH THE TIME: Outgoing councillor Greg Warren says it's a challenging and rewarding role for someone dedicated to the community. Current councillor Eva Campbell agreed about these integral traits. She told the Advertiser councillors should put their community first and leave personal and party politics by the wayside. “I encourage anyone whose allegiance is to the community and not party politics to stand for council,” she said. “I will gladly give them any assistance I can.” Mayor Lara Symkowiak said councillors must have a love for their area first and foremost. “You also have to be a good listener,” she said. “Listening is a big part of the role, and showing empa- thy and giving people in the community a voice. “You need to be able to take criticism and feedback – not everyone is going to agree with all your decisions.” Cr Symkowiak was elected Camden’s mayor after four years as a councillor. She said the role was “certainly very different”. “I overall love doing it and hope to continue doing it,” she said. Camden councillors re- ceive $15,573.60 per year; the mayor receives $34,000.30. The council has decided to decline available pay- I encourage anyone whose allegiance is to the community and not to party politics to stand for council. I will gladly give them any assistance I can. Councillor Eva Campbell ment increases every year since 2010. Residents considering running for council have un- til August 10 to nominate for the September 10 election. Candidate nomination forms will be available from mid-June at Camden’s council- lors meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. For details about becom- ing a councillor, contact the Office of Local Government KEEPS YOU SMILING: Councillor Eva Campbell welcomes residents to the world of local government. Just leave your personal and party politics at the door. SAVE 20% off the entire Stressless range imagine comfort ® For a limited time save 20% across the entire Stressless range ® The world’s most functional and comfortable seating made in Norway. . Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer available for a strictly limited time only. Introducing the NEW BalanceAdapt ™ System Camden Furniture One 185 Argyle Street Camden NSW 2570 Ph: 02 4655 7896 RM2429992 Our new range of BalanceAdapt™ recliners and sofas provide a unique comfort experience, ensuring perfectly balanced seating. The responsive sitting system, which delivers a subtle and soft rocking motion, adjusts your sitting angle in conjunction with the movements of your body.