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CAMDEN-NARELLAN ADVERTISER NEWS 1-23 # News 14-15 # Opinion 24 # Business # Community notices 25 # Feature26-34 36 # Puzzles # Entertainment 37-39 # FIND Drive US ON FACEBOOK 51-58 59-60 # Sport Min: Max: Min: Max: CONTACTS General inquiries: (02) 4640 5151 Email: rdickins@ Classifieds: 13 24 25 Post/visit: 1/1-3 Elyard Street, Narellan, NSW, 2567 Wednesday December 07, 2016 Van Damme visit creates chaos THOUSANDS of people flocked to United Cinemas Narellan on Saturday night to catch a glimpse of action star Jean-Claude Van Damme. The cinema was buzzing as dedicated fans watched martial arts demonstrations, bought merchandise and lined the red carpet waiting for Van Damme’s arrival. The only thing to sour the night was the lateness of the star himself. United Cinemas owner Roy Mustaca said he was sor- ry about the delay. “There was a lot of traffic coming across from Warrie- wood (where he was stay- ing),” he said. “People came from every- where and lined up to get their picture with him. “He is a popular guy, he was on the red carpet for a long time – unfortu- nately, some people had to miss out.” Van Damme spent almost two hours walking the red carpet to meet fans. The 56-year-old movie star was in Australia to look at potential locations for an international wildlife con- servation project. The ‘Muscles from Brus- sels’ also hosted a charity auction raising more than $10,000 for the White Ribbon Foundation. Campbelltown resident David Robinson said Van Damme’s movies were his “go to” thing for relaxation. “As soon as we found out he was coming we watched every movie we could in marathons for the last two days just to get excited,” he said. Narellan’s Steven Davis said Van Damme was his childhood hero. “Kickboxer and Universal Soldier are my favourite movies, they are the first ones that I saw so they hold a special place in my heart.” Camden resident Maria Medina has a Van Damme poster in her bedroom. Her daughter, Jenny Medi- na said her mother was his biggest fan. “She has seen every one of his movies, even the new ones,” she said. “She has loved him all her life.” – KAYLA OSBORNE PANDEMONIUM: Fans both young and old were delighted to catch a glimpse of Jean-Claude Van Damme. Lucky people had a selfie with the star. Photo: Chris Khoury BIG FANS: Jenny and Maria Medina waited for two hours to meet the star. CHARITY AUCTION: United Cinemas owner Roy Mustaca and Jean-Claude Van Damme auctioned signed merchan- dise to raise money for White Ribbon. Photo: Kayla Osborne The Camden-Narellan Advertiser at 1/1-3 Elyard Street, Narellan, NSW, is printed and published by Australian Community Media ABN 20000014700. Telephone 02 4640 5151. Invest in Your Life Award Winning Financial Advice We specialise in: ! Retirement Planning ! Superannuation ! Self Managed Super ! Personal Insurance Contact for a FREE consultation! 02 4622 1212 Jason Danjoux Senior Financial Adviser 0414 955 957 RM2428945 2 Your Life Financial Services Pty Ltd is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Australian Unity Personal Financial Services Ltd (ABN 26 098 725 145 AFSL No. 234459) Scott’s Corner From Paul Wakeling Motor Group Managing Director, Scott Wakeling I often walk the length of our dealership at Campbelltown and greet various members of our business in passing, occasionally stopping to catch up on the latest events that take place in their life offsite. The lasting impression is always the same. People who invest their days, their families, their passion and their commitment work here.They invest in their membership of this business.They feel the pride that comes with recognition, by way of a good review or a manufacturer’s award. They feel the weariness that comes from a day spent committed to the task at hand, forgoing eating and not stopping till that task is completed, and completed to the level that they deem ‘customer first worthy’. And sometimes I am amazed. How did a humble business like ours get as large as 250 members. How did we manage to attract so many good and genuine people, almost 40% of which have been members for more than 5 years. I say members because it takes a person to commit themselves to a group or a cause, or in our case a business, to truly belong, and in effect to create a harmonious culture. A business of any kind can only grow from strength to strength if it’s culture is created through a synergy of like-minded and ethically connected members. If there is a common thread through a collective group of people’s work ethic, all rowing at the same speed and timing, then the boat stays on the straight and narrow and has more chance of getting to its destination as quickly and effortlessly as possible. The last thing any business wants is some boat occupants rowing faster or inconsistently. This leads to reactive rowing and the business going nowhere. Every time we reach a destination it reminds me that our responsible rowers get us there because they are connected by that common thread, that similar timed and cohesive effort we call culture. Our ability is not what defines us, any training ground can teach an oarsman how to row and strengthen their technique, it’s the culture that gets us to the finish line and makes this business a winner. Paul Wakeling Motor Group Cnr Blaxland & Mill Roads, Campbelltown. 4628 1444 Camden Valley Motors Cnr Camden Valley Way & Anderson Rd, Smeaton Grange 4655 5000 OVER $ 1 , 000 , 000 raised to support Camden and Campbelltown Hospitals since 1997. and still going! hur a c a rt rs a g M ye i r D vin or 30 f